Rev. Dr. David H. Benke 

Emeritus Bishop of the Atlantic District Lutheran Church- LCMS 

David H. Benke, Pastor
Henry Chanderdatt and Jose Pinedo-Whatts, Vicars
Sonia Holder-Bowman, President and Deacon
Clara DelValle, Trustee and Director of School
Steven Rein, David Chanderdatt, Deacons
Natasha Llewellyn-Paul, Sunday School Superintendent
Thomas Bonilla, Yani Medrano and Santito, Friday Night Ministry
Janine Bolling, Deaconess


What Do You See?

Here are two quick connected stories as we prepare to pray, meet and design our Plan under God’s direction for our next years together at St. Peter’s:

Many years ago at a meeting of our Prayer Group, elder William Lee said he had a vision and a dream for St. Peter’s. At that time there were about the same number of people as today. He said, “I see this sanctuary so full that we have to bring in chairs, and so full beyond that to the point where the parish hall is filled with people. And the people will be there from all the corners of the world because God will bring them in from the byway hedges.” We all asked, “Really?” He said, “You will see. God will bring it to pass.” And God DID bring it to pass.

That was a wonderful era. Our mission statement became “Reaching out with the love of Jesus through Word and deed,” because that’s what we were actually doing day by day.

When some new people came in to worship at St. Peter’s about a dozen years ago, they looked at who they saw, looked at who was in the neighborhood, and said “Let’s reach our own children and those in the neighborhood with the Gospel.” And they DID. Larry and Nancy Rickert, Keith and Ruth Fermin, Randy and Shirley Klein, Lizzie and Katie Boeck all joined many others to invite and teach and train and coach and accompany a whole generation.

Those stories illustrate the vision that God has given us for a full generation at St. Peter’s!   Amazing people led by grace living out the calling of God to reach out with the love of Jesus through Word and Deed.

Here’s the new question: What is our vision for tomorrow? What do you see? What can you do to bring it to pass?

First things first – the vision belongs to God and at the end of the day, the vision IS God. The hymn title says it all – “Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart.” So, in the daily lifestyle of so many of us at St. Peter’s, prayer is where we begin. Let’s promise to pray fervently about God’s future for us. How can we best follow the Lord’s lead?



Here’s some homework so that we can develop and talk through God’s vision for us. Bring your thoughts to church next Sunday, February 16, for a gathering from noon to 2 PM:

  • What do you see at St. Peter’s that is a blessing from God? What gives you joy when you consider your church? Examples can include the people, friends, the closeness to God, the diversity, the messages/sermons, the music, the opportunities to serve, etc. That can be a long list or a short one. Put it together as your vision of blessing.


  • What do you and/or your family need in terms of your spiritual growth that could be added, or need to be subtracted, from your church? Examples could be more youth activity, more active outreach in general, different music, more young adult-specific outreach and activities, more Bible studies, more fellowship activities/parties, etc. Again, put it together as your vision for the future.


 What’s happening in your life or in the community/neighborhood that St. Peter’s can and should address? What’s your vision for what’s going on and how it attaches to your church’s vision? Examples could include senior care and financial planning, housing and rent, skill training for young people, safe places for fun and fellowship for young adults, homework and tutoring assistance, etc.


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