St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran, the “church in the middle of the block and at the heart of His Word,” is actually in the middle of two city blocks.  The original facility stands and is in use seven days a week at 94 Hale Avenue.  Creative leaders determined in the mid-1960s to build a new sanctuary behind the original facility at 105 Highland Place.  The two structures are joined upstairs through the office area, and downstairs through the kitchen.

When the new sanctuary was built, the stained glass windows from the original sanctuary were moved to the back of the new building, including two Tiffany windows, one of which depicts Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and other, a “Rose Window” at the church entrance, which depicts Joseph and Mary.  The original altar painting, Christ the Good Shepherd, is at the back of the current sanctuary.  The St. Peter’s window at the left side of the altar area is dedicated to the founding pastor, the beloved sainted Rev. Dr. Arthur C. Brunn. 

Many renovations have taken place in the building over the years.  The Hale Avenue facility is 115 years old in 2017, and the Highland Place facility is 50 years old.  Lots of “infrastructure” repairs in the past three years have modernized electrical, plumbing and drainage.  In the last five years, substantial changes have been made to the sanctuary -  New un-anchored pews (with a central aisle!) color-coordinated with the red oak beams, a sacristy behind a newly created red brick wall at the front right, a screen for multi-media, beige tile flooring, a new roof (!), an ambo and tabernacle (crafted by Pastor John Hannah), air conditioning improvements and protective coating for the beams and woodwork (this summer) have all made the sanctuary a warm and inviting location for the community of faith to celebrate God’s grace.


105 Highland Place, Brooklyn, New York 11208
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