Mission, Budget and Leadership decisions at St. Peter’s are made at an annual meeting each December.  Leaders then form the Church Council, which is responsible to the annual meeting for carrying out the mission through tithes and offerings which are expended through the budget.  The church council meetings are held monthly except in the summer.  St. Peter’s officers are:

President of Congregation                                    Sonia Holder-Bowman

Vice-President                                                       Twila Evanson

Secretary                                                                Jacqueline Llewellyn

Treasurer                                                                Nancy Segarra

Financial Secretary                                                David Chanderdatt


In addition, various positions are elected or selected for mission and ministry in the congregation.  Some are also members of the Church Council.  They are:

Head Trustee (Council Position)       Elder Clara DelValle                     Trustees    Vicar Henry Chanderdatt, keith Fermin 

 Head Usher (Council Position)        Gary Davidson                               Ushers  June Rein, Yvonne Sansarran, Audrey Sharp                              

Superintendent of Sunday School (Council Position)        Natasha Llewellyn-Paul

Youth (Council Position)      Vicar Jose Pinedo Whatts                         Youth Leaders  Thomas Bonilla, Mike Sansarran                                                    

Prayer Group                                                                                          Fellowship  Nadira Chanderdatt 

Yvonne Sansarran

President of Congregation  

Sonia Holder-Bowman


105 Highland Place, Brooklyn, New York 11208
Tel: 718-647-1007

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